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  Welcome to billion seal,We are a set design、Production、Sales for the integration of mechanical seal of professional manufacturers,The company has advanced production equipment、Perfect testing equipment and professional technical team。Company research and development of all kinds of high pressure、The high temperature、Strong corrosion、As many as more than a series of mechanical seal products,Thousands of specifications,Products are widely used in chemical industry、The oil、Pharmaceutical、Smelting、Paper making、Electric power、Light industry and other industries。

  In order to ensure the quality of the product,Effective supervision and control the whole process of the product,Reliable product quality,Good sealing performance,Long service life,Accepted by many domestic users and recognition for many years。

  “Scientific progress,Quality credibility,The service is satisfactory,Good faith to obtain the development,”Is my company's fundamental purpose“First-class product quality,Perfect pre-market sale of after-sales service”Is my company all staff solemn promise for every user。

  Let the quality of seal products、Rich professional experience、The best after-sales service for you to solve the problem of seal,Welcome the masses of users。

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