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craftsmanship spiri——Loyal to the enterprise,Perseverance;Keep improving to work、Dot the I's and cross the t's;A good brain,Dare to innovation,Dare to struggle。

Modern science and technology co., LTD in sichuan is adhering to the“craftsmanship spiri”,Lead a superb techniques、Dynamic technology and marketing team,Committed to the robot、Science and technology innovation education equipment intelligent product research and development、Production、Sales;At the same time,To provide customers with automation、Intelligent、Information technology、Research and development of individualized product customization production,Is a typical high and new technology enterprise。

The company for the further research and development、Production and sales,In sichuan nanchong shunqing set product display is established、Research and development、Production and sales as one of the headquarters,Covers an area of4200Square meters。

The service hotline:0817-2618966    

The company address:Nanchong shunqing welling central road421The fragrant village a number

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